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A development consulting firm and innovator with impact across more than 10 Countries. Leading over 50 projects across 12 programmes to advance development and sustainable change.

Eastland Program Development and Management

Our mandate is to apply knowledge and ingenuity to create, improve, and transform entities and quality of life for humanity in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Eastland Digital and Innovation

We recognize the challenges facing the developing world, and the opportunity to innovatively tackle these challenges using Novel Technologies and Digital Data.

Eastland Academy

We believe in equipping individuals and institutions with practical and competitive skills that aid in sustaining development and transformative change.


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Launching soon Ag-ADVISORTM, a digital Agricultural App

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Fields of Focus

We cover these Sectors and Thematic Areas:

  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Livelihoods
  • Water, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Physical, Social and Economic Infrastructure
  • Governance and Democracy
  • Gender, Vulnerability, Climate Change
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building
  • Organizational Transformation through Data Analytics
  • Digital Innovation and ICT


Countries We Serve

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