About Eastland

Eastland Services, the choice Leader for Managing Development Programmes and Projects, has been operational since 2000 as a Services Group dealing in consultancy work with the private and public sectors in the rapidly growing economies of Uganda, East Africa, and the Africa Region. Founders of Eastland Services (EaSe) have been active in consultancy work from 1988, and brought together their strengths under Eastland Services. EaSe provides world-class professional development consulting services on a demand basis to its clients with the highest integrity, and speciality focus on: Program Development and Management; Innovation and Digital Data, and; Practical and Competitive Skills Capacity Building, covering Investment and Development Planning and Management.


Lead development and sustainable change in the developing world in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals. Harness the power of digital analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence for developing innovative applications and products that drive sustainable change and development. Educate, train and equip indigenous end users with practical skills for M&E, data analytics, and speciality skills.


To provide accelerated development design and world-class evaluation services to private and public investments. Our mandate is to apply knowledge and ingenuity to create, improve, and transform entities and quality of life for humanity in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We cover projects:

  1. Inception & Identification
  2. Preparation & Design
  3. Appraisal & Feasibility Studies
  4. Monitoring & Managing Implementation
  5. Independent Evaluations
  6. Closure

We cover the following Sector, Policy and Thematic Areas:

  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Livelihoods
  • Water, Environment and Natural Resources
  • Physical, Social and Economic Infrastructure
  • Governance and Democracy
  • Gender, Vulnerability, Climate Change
  • Institutional Development and Capacity Building
  • Organizational Transformation through Data Analytics
  • Digital Innovation and ICT