Eastland Program Development and Management

Eastland engages in professional development of investment programs and projects in all sectors and themes.

Program development management services include:

  • Identification and Inception
  • Preparation and Design
  • Appraisal and Feasibility Studies
  • Managing Implementation
  • Designing and undertaking Monitoring and Evaluations
  • Systematic Continuous and Periodic Reviews
  • Decommissioning, Environmental Impact Assessments

Some of our programs and projects include:

Programme / Project Eastland's Role Sector and Thematic Area Timeline
Evaluation of Long-Term Municipality Development Strategies in 14 Future Cities in Uganda Lead National Infrastructure Development Apr 2017 - Jun 2017
Mainstreaming Climate Change and Adaptation in Uganda’s Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors, Lead National Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors Feb 2017 – May 2017
Review of Uganda’s Industrial Sector Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015. Lead National Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors Feb 2017 – May 2017
Review of the Priority Action Plan (PAP) and Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Participant Global – African Infrastructure Development 2012 – 2020 and Sep – Nov 2016
Impact Assessment of The African Capacity Building Foundation’s (ACBF) Interventions Across Africa from 1991-2015 Lead National Capacity Building Dec 2015 – Feb 2016
Project management advice on the implementation of the Agri-Technology Transfer (AgriTT) Project on cassava value chain development Special Project Advisor Agriculture Commodity Value Chain Development and Technology Transfer Oct 2014 – Mar 2017
Monitoring and Evaluation of Uganda activities on Agri-Technology Transfer (AgriTT) Project on cassava value chain development M & E Specialist Agriculture Commodity Value Chain Development and Technology Transfer Aug 2014 – Mar 2017
Baseline Study on the Management and Coordination of Capacity Building in the Public Sector of the Government of Rwanda Lead Public Sector and Capacity Building Nov 2012 – Jun 2013
Project Design, Proposal Development, Implementation Planning and Monitoring Framework on World Bank funded Nile Cooperation for Results (NCoRE) project (USD 15Million) as part of the Nile Climate Change Resilience Programme (NCCRP) (USD 40Million) Lead Institutional Strengthening and Climate Change Resilience and Water Resources Management and development Jul 2010 – Dec 2012
Led an Internal Technical Team in preparing Strategic Plans and Action Programme for the Nile Basin Initiative Lead Programme Development Dec 2009 – Jun 2012
Diagnostic assessment of the technical and institutional aspects of the implementation of the NBI’s Regional Hydro-Power Project Lead Hydro-Power Infrastructure Jun - Oct 2009
Design of USD 34Million Institutional Strengthening Project for the Nile Basin Initiative funded through the World Bank, and covering three main regional offices and ten 10) countries in the Nile Basin in Africa Member in an International Team Institutional Strengthening Mar 2008 – Oct 2008
Evaluation of eight (8) Shared Vision Program (SVP) projects, across the nine Nile Basin Countries. These include:
  • (1) Applied Training Project (ATP) in Cairo Egypt
  • (2) Efficient Water Use in Agriculture (EWUAP) in Nairobi, Kenya
  • (3) Regional Power Trade (RPT) in Dar-salaam, Tanzania
  • (4) Confidence Building and Stakeholder Involvement (CBSI) in Entebbe, Uganda
  • (5) Socio-Economic Development and Benefit Sharing (SDBS) in Entebbe, Uganda
  • (6) Shared Vision Coordination (SVP-C) in Entebbe, Uganda
  • (7) Nile Trans-Boundary Environment Action Project (NTEAP) in Khartoum, Sudan, and
  • (8) Water Resources Planning and management (WRPM) in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia
Lead Capacity Building, Water Resources Planning and Management and Socio-Economic Development Jan 2008 – Dec 2010
Provided Leadership, Technical Guidance and Quality Assurance in the design and implementation of the Results-Based M&E system for the investment oriented Subsidiary Action Programs (SAP) of the Nile Basin Initiative together with their 22 multi-sectoral pre-investment and investment projects. Lead, Technical Advisor and M&E Specialist Multi-sectoral pre-investment and investment projects 2007 – 2012
Design and Development of a Regional Results-Based (RBS) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) System for the Nile Basin Initiative International Team Member Results-Based (RBS) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) System May 2006 – Feb 2008
Environment and Natural Resources sub-sector Program design for the Government of Uganda for Post-Conflict Recovery and Development Programme for Northern Uganda (USD 100 Million) ENR Lead Environment and Natural Resources sub-sector 2005 – 2007
Design of an Environment and Poverty project for the Government of Uganda for financing by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Lead Environment and Economic Development Feb 2006 – Apr 2006
Evaluation of a Poverty Eradication Project in the West Nile Region of Uganda for Government of Uganda and UNDP. Lead Environment and Economic Development Aug 2005 – Dec 2005
Evaluation of the UNDP and GOU funded Income Generation and Support to Livelihoods (IG & SL), assessing the outcomes and impact trends of the UNDP support through the Uganda Country Cooperation Framework (CCF) II in the development of the private sector at micro, small and medium levels as engines of economic empowerment and growth Team Member private sector development at micro, small and medium levels; May 2005 – Jun 2005
End of project evaluation for the DANIDA funded Household Agricultural Support Programme (HASP) Lead Household Agricultural Support Programme Oct 2003 – Dec 2003
Design of PRIME-West programme for the USAID in the PRIME-West Six Districts in South Western Uganda, with Development Alternatives International (DAI), Team member ENR - Environment and Natural Resources Sep 2003 – Oct 2003
Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for wet coffee processing in six projects spread out in all regions of Uganda for the USAID funded Small Enterprise Development (SPEED) project, Lead Environment Jul 2002 – Oct 2002
Pre-feasibility study for development of a private large-scale farm in Western Uganda for SAAD Investments and the USAID SPEED project, Lead Large-scale farming, processing and value addition Apr 2002 – Jun 2002
Designed for ARD – COBS, a Monitoring and Evaluation System for District and Sub County Environmental Action Plans Team member Environment Oct 2001 – Dec 2001
Constraints Analysis Study on Smallholder Farmer Irrigation Support for Special program on Food Security Lead Agriculture Apr – Sep 2001
With Chemonics International Ltd / FEWSNET Uganda Food Security Assessment Study Member Food Security Feb - Mar 2001
Household Agricultural Support Program / Ministry of Local Government Technical Baseline Studies in;
  •   Agricultural Service delivery; Agricultural Support Organizations;
  •   Agricultural Production Technology and Practices
Lead Agriculture Production Technology and Practices, Support and Service delivery Jun – Dec 2000