Services - Eastland Digital and Innovation

Eastland Services R&D is pioneering first of a kind Digital products for Intelligent Agricultural Food Production powered by Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

We also provide services in:

  • Data Collection
  • Information Surveys
  • ICT - Information and communications technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Advanced Statistical Modelling
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • App and Software Development

Our funding agencies include:

Some of our programs and projects include:

Program / Project Eastland's Role Sector and Thematic Area Timeline
Development and operationalization of computer-based field data collection and reporting system for the Child Protection and Advocacy (CPA) project Partner Computer-based field data collection and reporting system October, 2013 – January, 2014
Review of indicators for the Nile Cooperation Climate Resilient Growth (NCoRe) Project, and design of data collection tools and database for the indicators Lead Climate Change, Water Resources Management and Development August, 2013 – October, 2013