Eastland Services

Our Services include:

Program and Project Development and Management

  • Specialist technical, socio-economic and management services in the subsectors of Agriculture & Rural Livelihoods, Forestry and Wildlife, Fisheries, Environment, Telecommunication, Energy and Road Infrastructure, Entrepreneurial and Business Development and Management.

Planning, Project Design, and Appraisal

  • Multidisciplinary Program & Project Design
  • Identification and Inception, Preparation and Design, Appraisal and Feasibility Studies,
  • Planning and utilization management and development of land, water, environment and other natural resources

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning – MEL

  • Managing Implementation
  • Designing M&E Systems
  • Undertaking systematic continuous Monitoring & all types of Evaluations
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Design and operationalization of Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks, Systems and Tools; Indicators

Managing Execution and Project Closure

  • Managing all project types (Socio-economic, Infrastructural)
  • Decommissioning, Environmental Impact Assessments of

Framework Development and Analysis

  • Socio-Economic Public Policy Analysis
  • Analysis of; Social Infrastructure (Health, Education, Cultural) and Economic Infrastructure (Telecom, Energy, Roads, Urban Physical Planning)
  • Commodity Policies; Industry and Trade; Agriculture Value Chains and Competitiveness
  • Investment and business process development and management for local and international clients
  • Supporting post conflict Relief, Recovery & Development Support.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Climate change adaption and mitigation and other Environment and Natural Resources Studies
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Farming Systems Studies
  • Technology Constraints Analysis.

Data Collection and Information Surveys

  • Data collection, storage, retrieval, presentation / reporting templates and systems – both manual and computer operated
  • Expertise in design, methodologies, tools for and conduct of overarching and specific research surveys, real-time and conventional data collection, documentation, storage, retrieval, presentation and reporting; e.g. baseline surveys, impact studies, service delivery studies, market surveys
  • Commodity value-chain development, market and other specialized studies
  • Professional studies for local and international public and private sector clients in:

Macro and Micro socio-economic, Technical, Institutional and Financial aspects of:

  • Agricultural
  • Water
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Population (including HIV / AIDS)

Rigorous Evaluations and Impact Studies

  • Design and undertaking quantitative and qualitative rigorous evaluations and impact studies, presenting and disseminating results in all sectors and themes.
  • Conducting continuous, periodic and systematic reviews and meta-evaluations

ICT, Data Analytics and Advanced Modelling

  • Digital Innovation
  • Model Development and Validation
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Statistical Modelling and Analysis
  • Value Analysis and Trend Analysis
  • App Software Integration
  • Management Information Systems – MIS, Development

Training and Capacity Building

  • Undertaking educational, training and capacity development of client organizations, including needs assessment, training design, development, implementation and evaluation of specialized modules, mentoring, on-the-job-training and follow up sessions;
  • Organization and facilitation of seminars, workshops and conferences for client organization/ agencies.

This includes preparing and editing proceedings for publication:

  • Writing Professional Papers;
  • High Level Reporting and Presentations;
  • Managing Agricultural Extension;
  • Extension Training & Adaptive Research;
  • Extension Resources Development
  • Development, production and dissemination of information and knowledge packages, study tours;
  • Gender analysis and capacity building for individuals and institutions, and provide services in gender research, mainstreaming, assessment, screening and strategy development;
  • Providing expert services in human resources and institutional development, strategic concept studies